The discovery of physicists can revolutionize the transmission of information

In semiconductors like WSe2 saw is a quantum bound state of three charged particles.

A negative saw contains two electrons and a positive hole saw contains two holes and an electron.

Holes are electron gaps in semiconductors that behave like positively charged particles. Because a saw contains three interacting particles, it can contain more information than a single electron.

Electric field:

At present, most electronic devices use separate electrons to conduct electricity and transmit information. Because the saw carries a clean electric charge, its movement can be controlled by an electric field.

Friction releases can therefore also be used as information carriers. Compared to single electrons, the friction pattern has a controllable rotation and an inertial index and an internal structure rich in encoded information.

Chainsaws can be divided into bright and dark saws with different rotation configurations. Chainsaws have electrons and holes with opposite turns. Dark saws contain electrons and holes with the same rotation.

The bright triplets of the pair light up and emit light efficiently, which means they quickly collapse. However, dark saws easily bind with light, which means that they decompose much more slowly than light saws.

Transmission of information:

The researchers measured the life span of dark saws and found that they lasted more than 100 times longer than conventional light saws. Long life allows the transmission of information from a saw from a much greater distance.

Our work allows us to write and read information about saws from light, said Chung Hung Joshua Louis, assistant professor of physics and astronomy at UC Riverside, who led the study. We can make two types of saw blades, which are dark and bright, and control how the information encoded is encoded.

The results can open up new ways to communicate information. Erfu Liu, the first study author, and a doctoral student at Luis Labor. Long-lasting dark saws can help us understand the transmission of information from a saw. Just like increasing WLAN bandwidth at home, Trion transmission allows more information than a single electron.


The researchers have used the WSe2 atomic layer that resembles a graphite plate because the dark saw’s energy level at WSe2 is below the light saw’s energy level. Therefore, dark saws can accumulate large populations, allowing detection.

Louis explained that most of Trion’s research currently focuses on bright trions because they emit so much light and can be easily measured. However, we focus on dark saws and their detailed behavior at different charge densities on a single layer WSe2 device said Louis. We can show continuous adaptation of positive dark saws to negative dark saws by only adjusting external pressure.

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