Black holes drop curtains of star jellyfish galaxy

The galaxy of spectacular jellyfish objects, goes through a dramatic transformation process, while jumping at the core of a dense jet galaxy at supersonic speed.

External resistance forces galactic gases into a process known as bedwetting sealing pressure, leaving the tentacles extending from behind.

Virtual reality:

Undressing The phenomenon of the collaboration of an international research team led by Dr. Fate Bianca Poggianti JO201 was revealed in a survey of 114 KEUCHEN GAS jellyfish galaxies. To investigate to evaluate the structure of galaxies in 3D jellyfish and the time frame of their transformation, Belhaus created interactive models that could also be tested in virtual reality.

This study shows that JO201, which was originally a large spiral galaxy, fell supersonically through the massive Abele 85 for about one billion years.

When galaxies move jellyfish along the line of sight of the tentacles it looks overdone as a model, but the team believes that they follow 94 kiloparsa behind JO201 – about three times the diameter of our Milky Way.

A galaxy is cared for by new stars that are constantly formed from gas, so understanding how gas flows in and out of galaxies helps us learn how to develop it. In groups of galaxies and more extreme ones show off the gas.

Galactic discs:

The conversion of JO201 to Qualitel Galaxy causes a short increase in star formation due to the barometer removal process. Compressed gas clouds collapse, forming a star ring in galactic discs. Solid nodules on tentacles condense like rain clouds and form new stars when galaxies wake up.

However, in the last few hundred million years, black holes seem to spin gas to leave large gaps around the center of galaxy discs.

The team believes that stripping presses can be directed to the central part of the galactic gas, where black holes are produced in provoked blasting materials and shock waves that leave the rear cavity.

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